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School Overview

Encouraging resilience in a nurturing, engaging learning environment where every individual thrives.
Every Student Matters - Every Moment Counts




When we, as educators, model our school’s mission, our students will become Engaged Citizens, Inspired Learners, Valued Collaborators, and Empowered Scholars. There is a certain level of excitement that comes from feeling that together we are stronger, so we can benefit from each other’s strengths, varied backgrounds, and profesional expertise. It is this excitement that creates momentum and forward thinking allowing us to take risks and try new pedagogical approaches in our every day practices.

Our mission includes four core values based on the descriptors shared by the staff members during our 2014-2015 faculty meetings:


Howard students are engaged citizens of our school community, they are curious about the world around them, and participate in their own education. They care about Howard.


Howard students are inspired learners who love being students. They are interested in the world around them and ask question to satisfy their curiosity. They love what they do!


As valued collaborators, students at Howard know that their voice counts. They understand the importance of team work, appreciate diversity, and work together to make a difference. They get energy from others and connect with the school community.


As empowered scholars, students at Howard know what goals they are reaching for and believe that they can achieve those goals. Students understand that learning falls on a continuum and seek help when needed.